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Meet the Moms behind their Teens Addiction Recovery

A few of our featured Inspirational mothers. For Mother's Day Inspirations for Youth and Families is taking a moment to thank and celebrate the following moms who played an instrumental part in their teen's recovery. Sending your teen away to rehab is a hard choice but these mothers took a huge leap to get [...]

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The importance of joining an addiction recovery alumni program

Too often teens that successfully complete treatment are left to fend for themselves after returning home. While successfully completing a teen addiction treatment program is no small achievement, there is still plenty of work to do in a person's journey to recovery. Many teens who return home fall between the cracks without proper support and [...]

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Inspirations Alumni Program growing at rapid pace

After creating the alumni program, we never anticipated the positive reception from the teen's leaving our treatment center. Some join for the medal, others want to stay in touch with their friends they met. And then there are the ones that want to get the newsletter so they can watch future talent shows. Meet the [...]

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