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From Teen Substance Abuse Rehab to Rock Star

An amazing story about a teen, who beat the odds by joining a rock band right after a successful stay at a substance abuse rehab and now is on the road to sober stardom. "Change is hard, although for some it may seem easy. If you're addicted to crack, stay out of crack homes. If [...]

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Karen Corcoran-Walsh Addiction Expert opens Moments of Change

Karen Corcoran-Walsh Addiction Expert introduces key-note speaker at Moments of Change 2016 The Business of the Recovery Business Karen Corcoran-Walsh, addiction expert, opened  2016 Moments of Change, the premiere dual-diagnosis addiction treatment conference at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach Florida, September 26, 2016. Corcoran Walsh is the owner and founder of Inspirations for Youth and [...]

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Drug Rehab Center Paintball

Inspirations for Youth and Family Drug Rehab Center plays paintball We recently took the Inspirations for Youth and Family teen girls to Extreme Paintball and now it was the teen boys turn. It was an eventful day for the boys as the played four games and learned how to work as a team, take instruction, [...]

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Four tips to help your teen stay sober for the New Year

The New Year as a former addict or alcoholic often brings its own set of challenges that parents should bear in mind. From being in a tempting atmosphere to repeatedly explain why they are refusing to participate in activities that will leave them under the influence. The New Year and its festivities often provide a [...]

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Inspirations alumni shares her addiction recovery story

  Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) recently reached out to an alumni to see how she has been leading her life after treatment. Casey was a client here during 2011 and this is her story of life after Inspirations. Casey's Addiction Recovery Story Hi my name is Casey Payton. My name was Casey Flores back then. I was [...]

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Inspirations Cove drug rehabs CEO – Proud of clients performance on national TV

Ed Cejak, CEO of Inspirations (left) on set next to Karen Corcoran Walsh (right) As CEO of Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) and the Cove Center for Recovery drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, I had an exhilarating time traveling to Detroit to see my company's filmed for Ask Dr. Nandi, a [...]

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What does poetry do in addiction recovery?

My Now By; Cindy Charles Ouellette: author of 'Crying hearts of the Loved Ones' I coulda given, but took I coulda helped, but demanded it I coulda loved, but preyed on it I coulda financed, but begged I coulda borrowed, but stole I could laughed, but cussed out I could listened, but blocked out I [...]

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A Message from Inspirations Youth Teen Drug Rehab CEO

At Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen drug rehab, our only interest is the client’s best interest. We are completely vested in our clients because our people in recovery deserve it and the disease frankly demands it. If we ask our clients to give sobriety all they’ve got, you better be sure we want [...]

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Parent is grateful for Inspirations teen drug abuse program

Parent of former addict is grateful for IYF teen drug abuse program "I've always had a good relationship with my teen. She's made bad choices and suffered the consequences for them but she knows that while I may be disappointed in her choices I WILL ALWAYS love her. " "Sometimes we have to make some [...]

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My Disease a poem from a grateful former teen addict

This touching poem from a client of Inspirations for Youth and Families describes what it is like to have an addiction.This poem explains why this teen was using drugs and also about how they are  grateful to be clean. Told from the perspective of a former teen addict who is grateful for the chance to be someone better and [...]

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