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Inspiration opens New Jersey Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Inspirations for Youth and Families – a nationally recognized leader in addiction treatment – has opened a New Jersey drug and alcohol rehab. The decision to expand to New Jersey was in response to the state’s teen drug and alcohol abuse epidemic. According to statistics, many teens in New Jersey suffer from substance abuse disorders and do not have a place to receive treatment.

New Jersey Adolescents in dire need of Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment

In a 2013 report, The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) estimated that out of 179,000 people in New Jersey who abused or were dependent on illicit drugs, only a quarter received treatment. Many of these people in need of treatment are teens. It is for this very reason why Inspirations is opening its doors to address this existing need that has turned into an epidemic.

Inspirations New Jersey Drug Rehab

Inspirations’ New Jersey’s drug rehab essentially acts as an an outpatient treatment center. The outpatient drug rehab focuses on providing highly individualized therapy for New Jersey teens’ gripped with drug abuse as well as co-existing disorders.

Inspirations has a highly individualized Treatment Approach

Inspirations believes that since every teen is different they require a unique form of treatment. The Inspirations’ New Jersey outpatient center staffs a team of highly esteemed primary therapists. The outpatient’s dual-diagnosis capabilities take a deeper look at each client’s behavior and addiction. All factors are considered when treating drug abuse including the potential of a mental health disorder triggering the drug addiction.

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Inspirations New Jersey Alcohol Rehab

The Inspirations’ New Jersey alcohol rehab center diagnoses, treats and works with teens. The goal is to assess and address the root cause of their alcohol dependence in order to achieve sobriety. The Inspirations’ New Jersey outpatient center teaches the teens the skills necessary for them to recover from alcohol abuse.

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