Uncommon Drugs

Speed and Yaba

Although the U.S. is one of the most popular markets for illegal drugs, many other countries and regions have their own drug problems.  During the last two decades a drug named yaba has become very popular in southeast Asia. Yaba is a methamphetamine and caffeine pill. Yaba means "crazy drug" in Thai and was previously used [...]

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Uncommon Drugs: DMT

DMT is short for Dimethyltryptamine, a psychedelic compound from the tryptamine family. It is found naturally in the our brains and it's believed to play a role in thought processing, dreaming, near death experiences, and out of body experiences like astro-projection.  DMT can be sniffed, smoked or even injected. The side effects of using DMT [...]

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Uncommon Drugs: Wet

         A new hazardous drug called “wet” has been gaining popularity among teenagers and adults in their early twenties. Wet is an embalming fluid, sometimes a combination of PCP and marijuana, or both; the drug is ingested by smoking tobacco or marijuana that has been soaked in this fluid and then dried.   [...]

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My Night with Liquid G

     "The night started out great. My best friend Emily was in town and I knew about this amazing party and we both wanted to go. So we got ready at my apartment and then walked over to this party. The house was huge and there were tons of people there. Everyone was drinking [...]

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Marijuana Dabs

Teenagers that have been smoking marijuana are now being introduced to marijuana mabs. Marijuana dabs (pictured below) contain butane hash oil, which is a highly potent form of marijuana. Dabs go by other names such as honey, oil, wax, or ear wax, due to its sticky amber appearance. Dabs have a higher THC concentration compared [...]

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Puerto Rico’s "Zombie Drug"

            We covered uncommon drugs before, however this article is an in depth look at Xylazine (pictured below), a drug currently being abused only in Puerto Rico.                Xylazine is a veterinarian medicine; it’s a non-opiate sedative and muscle relaxant certified only for use [...]

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Uncommon Drugs and their Effects

Bath Salts and Mephedrone             Different synthetic drugs have been created as the “legal” alternative to marijuana.  One of these synthetic drugs is known by the generic term bath salts.  The term is used to describe many different types of synthetic drugs created by a variety of companies.  Director of [...]

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