Testimonial quotes from parents

Mother shares teen addiction recovery testimonial

"Demetrio had been to two other residential facilities and never lasted more than a month. But at Inspirations, I knew he was well-taken care of and looked after. The staff, especially Lopez and Denise, helped him adjust and feel comfortable."  After returning home from Inspirations For Youth and Families, a teen named Demetrio has changed [...]

Mom shares why Inspirations is a great rehab for teen addiction treatment

I highly recommend this facility for the parents of a teen addict Even years after completing his teen addiction treatment Phillip' s mother, RoseAnn, reached out to tell us thanks! RoseAnn's son joined our Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) program back in 2010. However, despite the years that have gone she reached out showing [...]

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Mother spends over 60 hours researching teen rehab to find Inspirations

Elliot is one of our most memorable teens at Inspirations teen rehab. During his time here staff recalled him to be helpful and always engaging in our sober fun activities. Elliot came to Inspirations as a teen struggling with marijuana abuse. He took his time opening up to our program but once he did he [...]

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Mother of Inspirations teen vouches for out-of-state drug rehab

Sue, Scotty's mother Sue is the mother to our most recent Inspirations drug rehab testimonial teen Scotty Roberston. Scotty came to Inspirations in seek of treatment to defeat his addiction and start living a more healthy and sober life. The choice to send her teen to an out-of-state drug rehab was a difficult but necessary [...]

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Mom doesn’t wait to give teen drug rehab program rave reviews

Crystal and her mom during a visit. Inspirations teen drug rehab parent testimonial “Everything is so much better than before my daughter Crystal entered Inspirations for Youth and Families teen drug rehab. I am very proud of the hard work she has put in while at Inspirations. I see a big change in [...]

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Family searched until they found the perfect fit at Inspirations

Parents say Thanks You When looking for a behavioral drug and alcohol rehab for my daughter I did a lot of research and all the things I was looking for pointed to Inspirations for Youth and Families. They have a great therapists, a phenomenal location, a strong educational academy, and they take the kids on [...]

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Parents thankful to IYF teen rehab for helping their son

We got our son back! We had been struggling with our son for years with failing school, smoking weed, low esteem and confidence. My husband and I racked our brains trying to figure out where we went wrong and how it got to this point. We took him to therapists, doctors, tutors, behavioral neuro therapists [...]

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Mom loves that IYF teen rehab teaches teens sober fun!

What this mom loved about Inspirations "That is one of the things really unique about Iyf Inspirations. Other facilities "say" they have lots of "activities " but really didn't. Inspirations does take their clients out and shows them how to have sober FUN!" - Mother of a former IYF teen rehab client, Anne. View all [...]

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Dad of talented teen thanks IYF for addiction treatment

Father grateful for support with his teen's addiction treatment I am grateful for the assistance Inspirations has been able to provide Christian and our family in getting him to a much better place in his life and the tools he has learned for coping with the pressures of life. And also knowing that Christian has been [...]

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Mom spent 30 days searching for a teen drug rehab

Looking for a teen drug rehab can be very difficult for a parent. This was the case for one particular teen mom who said she spent one month looking for a teen addiction treatment center that could also help her teen with a co-occurring disorder which is commonly referred to as a dual diagnosis program. [...]

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