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Teen shares how cocaine addiction treatment made him happy again

"I feel way happier. I am happy again" The Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen rehab treatment center has made a name for itself by saving teen's lives from addiction. Teens from all over the United States enter our drug addiction program with severe drug addiction and leave renewed and happy. We just interviewed a teen [...]

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Youth in drug rehab shares his compelling goodbye letter to drugs

  If you think you have heard it all about teen drug addiction recovery how about a good riddance letter from our teen addressed to his drug addiction. As a part of our latest drug rehab educational writing course our teachers got a little creative. In this assignment teens were to imagine their addiction as a person and write [...]

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Anger Management Teen shares how behavioral therapy helped him change

Addiction is not the only problem teens today have to struggle with. Many of clients enter Inspirations for seeking help for addiction. However we also offer help to teens that need behavioral therapy. Every once in a while we treat a teen who needs help managing their  behavior and emotions that has become unmanageable. Greg is [...]

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Former teen addict shares how drugs lead her to steal from mom

Often, when a teen is abusing drugs, they will resort to anything to get high like stealing money from their mom. This was the case of Alyssa who is well on her way to recovery now. Inspirations for Youth and Families is known for taking its teen addict clients and returning them to their former [...]

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Colorado teen leaves state to treat marijuana addiction

Matthew receiving his Academic Excellence award. If you speak to a person who believes in legalized marijuana they will tell you it has not effected the people of Colorado. But one teen, who entered Inspirations teen drug rehab can refute that claim. Matthew, a resident of Colorado, became addicted to marijuana. And he [...]

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Teen rehab client recovers from heroin addiction

As more and more teens are using heroin and in many cases overdosing and dying, it is welcome news to hear a happy ending involving the deadly opiate. One teen at Inspirations overcame her severe heroin addiction. When you first see Marilyn, she looks like any other normal teen girl. Before coming to Inspirations she was [...]

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Inspirations teen rehab taught me compassion

Drug Alcohol Rehab gave Inspirations client compassion Derek receiving his Academic Excellence certificate. "I would isolate from everyone. I wouldn’t talk to anybody I had a lot of anger and just negative energy inside me."  -Derek, Inspirations for Youth and Families drug and alcohol rehab client. Inspirations for Youth and Families drug and [...]

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After other rehabs Inspirations treatment center saves teen

Former teen rehab client speaks to teens about his own recovery! Inspirations teen rehab have had a lot of success in helping teens successfully overcome their addiction. Scotty came to Inspirations after years of abusing drugs and had sought out treatment on multiple occasions from other drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. "I've been to a lot [...]

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Teen shares how Inspirations behavioral tech helped her recovery

Many families reach out to Inspirations for Youth and Families to help in returning them to the child they have lost to drug or alcohol addiction. Through family sessions our primary therapists work together with teens and their family to rebuild the relationship destroyed by drug abuse. One often overlooked piece of the recovery puzzle is [...]

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Inspirations teen drug rehab helps another teen to realize her potential

Here is Karlee holding one of her many graphs! At Inspirations for Youth and Families, a teen drug rehab, one of our many goals besides helping teens to successfully recover from addiction is to foster their dreams and aspirations. Many teens come at a time in their life that is very crucial for their [...]

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