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Teen Drug Treatment High Wire Act

Inspirations for Youth and Families Teen Drug Treatment Center goes Rope Climbing What does a multi-tower 40-foot tall ropes and challenge course have in common with a teen drug treatment center? A lot actually. Inspirations for Youth and Families teen drug and alcohol treatment center - as part of their robust recreational therapy program - [...]

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IYF teens express their gratitude!

With Thanksgiving around the corner the Inspirations for Youth and Families staff has been working hard at incorporating this month’s theme into the teen’s everyday sessions. November is a month notable for being thankful for all that life has given us. With that said for this month our theme was “Gratitude”. Candy Scarecrow: One of [...]

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Teens in rehab create collages during Art Therapy

Art Therapy At Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) we allow teens to use art as a means to express themselves. Art is a very expressive form of therapy that our clients often enjoy and look forward to. Art therapy encourages self discovery and is a great form of coping. IYF’s art therapy includes drawing, painting, [...]

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Volunteer Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

When you read marketing material for drug, alcohol, and mental health rehabs, one of the buzzwords is individualized therapy. Everything is focused on the person in recovery getting better. In theory, this sounds like a reasonable approach to treating drug and alcohol abuse as well as mental health issues. But what if a treatment center [...]

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