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The real effects of drug abuse on teens

Unfortunately the youth of today often experiment with a variety of substances. This continuous drug abuse eventually leads to drug dependence or addiction. The teenage drug culture is growing rapidly with the most abused drugs being marijuana, vicodin, amphetamines and cough medicine. We all know drugs can seriously affect a teen’s health however there are [...]

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The real effects of marijuana on the teenage brain

Photo Credit to http://realitycheckworks.org/ While many are arguing the legality of marijuana one important part left out of this conversation would be how these choices will affect our teens. The effects of marijuana on an adult mind and a teenage mind differ drastically. As our youth are still developing it is important to [...]

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Teens in rehab react to The Other Side of Cannabis

With so many studies and research being done on the cannabis plant it is very hard to distinguish what is credible and what is not. There are a lot of conflicting opinions and misinformation that can influence our teens into using. A part of our program here at Inspirations for Youth and Families is to [...]

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Drug Use impact on School Grades

  Did you know that your brain develops until you reach the age of 25? Anything you do to disrupt this process-including drug use-will affect how your brain develops. During the brain's development stage, any type of change in the brain's wiring could affect the brain function. Drug use is one of the ways that [...]

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Teen Marijuana abuse and its effect on the Brain

Frequent marijuana use can have a significant negative effect on the brains of teenagers and young adults As marijuana continues to gain acceptance all around the nation after its legalization for medical and recreational use in some states, one important point is being omitted from the narrative. What about our teen's. After all, they are [...]

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