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Inspirations’ Teens Graduate High School while at Rehab

Inspirations teen drug rehab presents our first 2017 Inspirations Academy graduates! Inspirations graduates Bryce and Kammi. This past week Inspirations' teens graduate high school while at rehab. Two of our teens enrolled in the Inspirations Academy program have successfully graduated high school. In honor of their achievements, Inspirations staff held a personal graduation ceremony for [...]

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IYF Class of 2015 – Teens in drug rehab graduate high school!

During their stay at Inspirations for Youth and Families clients Helena and Nick completed their high school education. Our dedicated educational staff working closely with our teens to help them gain a better understanding of what they are learning and to reach their ultimate goal like Nick and Helena, to graduate. Watch what Helena and [...]

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Inspirations Summer Program off to a Berry Good Start

The Back-on-Track Summer Program from Inspirations Academy has only just started and we are already off to a very good start. One of the life-skills activities above was making berry smoothies among other flavors. To encourage better reading comprehension, diction, pronunciation, and, really, just to have a little fun, we have been reading [...]

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How teens young adults can shun alcohol abuse at parties

By Guest Bogger Shalu Sharma - Shalu is a health and fitness blogger, who lives with a motto of writing and sharing knowledgeable blog posts that motivate people to stay fit and healthy. Shalu has a skin-care blog. This post is dedicated to those who are struggling to put an end to their alcohol abuse [...]

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Art Therapy helps heal recovering Drug Alcohol Addiction

  The pain, struggle and trauma associated with drug alcohol addiction as well as mental behavior issues can be difficult to put it mildly. That is why Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment Centers like Inspirations for Youth and Families are embracing Art therapy as a therapeutic intervention to treat addicted teens. What is Art Therapy Art [...]

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What should I do if my friend needs help for teen drug abuse?

There are many ways to help and support your friend from teen drug abuse, but in the end it will be your friend's decision. Sometimes our teens don't think or know they have a drug problem or refuse to believe they are addicted or dependent. They often go through a stage called denial. If you [...]

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