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Inspirations celebrates another year with National School Choice Week

Inspirations teen rehab honors education with National School Choice Week IYF teen rehab celebrates the choice of education with National School Choice Week The National School Choice Week (NSCW) is held every January to raise awareness for the various types of educations options that are available for children today. Choices in education include public schools, [...]

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Teens in drug and alcohol treatment write letters of thanks

Although Thanksgiving has come and gone the thankful spirit are still here at Inspirations drug and alcohol treatment center. For many of our teens spending such a family oriented holiday away from home made them realize just how much they have to appreciate. Even though, they are here to get the treatment many of our teens [...]

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Youth in drug rehab shares his compelling goodbye letter to drugs

  If you think you have heard it all about teen drug addiction recovery how about a good riddance letter from our teen addressed to his drug addiction. As a part of our latest drug rehab educational writing course our teachers got a little creative. In this assignment teens were to imagine their addiction as a person and write [...]

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Teen girls in rehab share their favorite coping skills

Coping skills are methods a person uses to deal with overwhelming and stressful situations or emotions. These skills like any other require practice to develop, but will become easier overtime. There are many forms of coping skills that can be used to help with an array of mental health disorders like anxiety and depression. Inspirations [...]

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Inspirations teen rehab client writes inspirational poem

At Inspirations for Youth and Families we encourage our teen rehab clients to find ways to express themselves. We encourage these self expressive forms to be productive and healthy. One of your teens wrote a series of poems about why addicts should not use. Our teen wrote this poem as a reminder for herself as [...]

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Girls at drug rehab create inspirational poem!

As a part of our treatment program teens attend group and individual therapeutic sessions daily in our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center. Teens have the opportunity to work on coping skills, accountability, respect, morals and ethics, stress management, anger management, solution oriented thinking and planning, and various therapeutic modalities. Individual treatment plans are created, addressing [...]

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Our talented teen in rehab Christian shares how he changed

Most of  you have seen Christian and his amazing talents in our newly launched ITV Music Playlist on YouTube.  As a part of his treatment as a teen in rehab Christian has been taking part in music therapy, which he uses to express his emotions. While here at Inspirations he has gotten the opportunity to learn [...]

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A teen in rehab shares his feelings about returning home sober

Nick was able to graduate high school while in rehab. As a part of our educational program we asked our teens with impending discharge dates about how they feel about returning home and continuing life sober. We also asked the teens how they felt that have changed since joining our rehab program. Here [...]

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A teen in substance abuse recovery reflects on past

Reflecting on one's past actions is a great way to identify what is necessary to create change and also an important part of moving forward. Although most people believe in order to move on you must forget about the past that is not always true. In order to prevent similar events or activities from happening [...]

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My Disease a poem from a grateful former teen addict

This touching poem from a client of Inspirations for Youth and Families describes what it is like to have an addiction.This poem explains why this teen was using drugs and also about how they are  grateful to be clean. Told from the perspective of a former teen addict who is grateful for the chance to be someone better and [...]

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