Stories of Recovery

Meet the Moms behind their Teens Addiction Recovery

A few of our featured Inspirational mothers. For Mother's Day Inspirations for Youth and Families is taking a moment to thank and celebrate the following moms who played an instrumental part in their teen's recovery. Sending your teen away to rehab is a hard choice but these mothers took a huge leap to get [...]

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Teen recovery stories we love!

Teen Recovery Stories We all love stories that melt our heart, bring tears to our eyes or just give us a good giggle. Here is a compilation of teen recovery stories written by the teens themselves. These are also typical assignments we give our teens in our highly regarded teen rehab Educational Program. The first story [...]

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My Christmas Wish

 My Christmas wish is to be drug free and to be with my family, especially to see my baby nephew. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  My wish for Christmas is to regain the relationship I once had with my family. I hope to leave out of Inspirations a changed man. I also wish my Grandpa can make it through [...]

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Katy’s Story

On September 1st 2013, I decided I needed help. My dad was angry and shocked when I told him about my drug use. He told me that if I needed help, then I could find it myself. So that's what I did. I called Inspirations for Youth and Families teen rehab and signed myself up.

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Sara’s Story

When I was 13 or 14 years old, I started experimenting with alcohol just like everyone else in my age group. But unlike everyone else and unbeknownst to me at the time, both of my parents were alcoholics. I also started taking these little white pain pills my mom had (they turned out to be [...]

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