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Teen Drug Rehabilitation Program learns dangers of Social Media

When a teen enters Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen drug rehabilitation program, their education far exceeds drug addiction or alcohol abuse treatment. Besides their award winning educational academy, IYF routinely brings in guest speakers to talk about subjects ranging from bullying to the dangers of social media. Watch Private Investigator talk about Social Media Danger [...]

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MADD speaks to Inspirations on Teen Drunk Driving

Inspirations for Youth and Families teen alcohol rehab invited Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to its treatment center to speak to the teens. MADD presented a series of teen drunk driving accident videos to the Inspiration's teens. And MADD also touched on the dangers of underage drinking in their presentation. Like how alcohol interferes with [...]

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Basketball legend Doctor Dribble speaks to Inspirations Youth

Doctor Dribble outside Inspirations Treatment Center This week Inspirations Youth invited Darren Weissman also known as Doctor Dribble to speak with our teens. His speech touched on various topics but none more important than understanding that life is filled with challenges and mistakes, however; we have the ability to move past them. "If [...]

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Vocational school speaks to drug treatment teens

Once again the drug treatment teens of Inspirations for Youth and Families were visited by the encouraging Dr.Darling from Sheridan Technical College (STC). Our drug treatment teens were able to discover STC’s diverse curriculum provided options into very lucrative career paths. They have an array of majors from welding to internet security. STC offers career [...]

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Inspirations teens in rehab learn life lessons from a monk

At Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) we strive to educate our teens in rehab through traditional and unconventional forms. We believe in addition to being taught the standard educational information we seek to teach our teens important life lessons. These lessons are taught in a multitude of ways including guest speakers. Inspirations has had [...]

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