Did you know April is Alcohol Awareness Month?

What is Alcohol Awareness Month Every year since 1987 the month of April is used to raise awareness to teens and adults alike about alcoholism. These efforts are to increase public knowledge as well as understanding which in turn reduces the stigma. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD)  focus is to also encourage [...]

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Do you want to know why the drinking age is 21?

The debate over the legal drinking age usually comes down to: If you're old enough to serve on a jury, die for your country and decide who should be president, are you old enough to drink? Why is the Legal Drinking Age 21? The drinking age is 21 because of the passing of the National Minimum Drinking [...]

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Alcohol Addiction Recovery during the Holidays

Around the holidays, alcohol is abound at parties and family gatherings. We recentlty reported five reasons alcohol consumption spikes during the holidays. Holiday celebrations that include alcohol can put extra stress on those battling or recovering from alcohol addiction. Increased chances of alcohol temptation might include: Being around others who might be "old drinking buddies" [...]

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Light alcohol drinking less healthy than originally thought

A glass or two of booze is good for your heart, according to long-standing medical advice that drinkers are often fond of citing. Reducing even light consumption of alcohol will not only improve your chances against coronary heart disease, but also help you lose weight and reduce high blood pressure according to a British Medical Journal [...]

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