Lying and Teen Drug Alcohol Addiction – What to do?

Learning how to support your son or daughter through their teen drug alcohol addiction can be very challenging. It can be difficult to not get your feelings hurt when you feel like you’re constantly being lied to, and that’s perfectly normal. It’s important to try and remember to not take it personally, as the lying […]

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Teen takes 4 day bus drive to enter Inspirations Teen Rehab

Since Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen rehab draws teens from all parts of the nation and world for that matter, it is common-place for clients to fly in to the teen treatment center. But for Stanley, his journey to the teen treatment center was a little more arduous. He traveled for four days […]

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How teens young adults can shun alcohol abuse at parties

By Guest Bogger Shalu Sharma – Shalu is a health and fitness blogger, who lives with a motto of writing and sharing knowledgeable blog posts that motivate people to stay fit and healthy. Shalu has a skin-care blog.
This post is dedicated to those who are struggling to put an end to their alcohol abuse and […]

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Teen Cutting – What’s up with that?

At first glance after scanning through the poem about teen cutting above, it looks like an innocent writing assignment. The poem is contained in a typical school composition notebook. But after closer inspection, it is no run of the mill creative writing exercise. It is more of a cautionary tale written by a teen girl […]

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Family Meetings – Cornerstone for raising a Drug Free Teen

If you tuned into the sappy 70’s television show The Brady Bunch every week, you most likely watched Mr. Brady eloquently hold a “Family Meeting,” every now and again. If you don’t recall the popular sitcom, it was about a middle-class family in an idyllic Los Angeles suburb that got along way to well compared […]

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