Teen Drug Rehab Educational Academy Success Story

Riley belting out an Avril Lavigne song at the Anti-Bullying Day Talent Show Riley, a 17-year-old teenage girl, came to Inspirations for Youth and Families to work on some life issues and after 83 days – she has left a new woman. “It is amazing to see everyone shift from when they first came here. Because when […]
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Alcohol Addiction Recovery during the Holidays

Around the holidays, alcohol is abound at parties and family gatherings. We recentlty reported five reasons alcohol consumption spikes during the holidays. Holiday celebrations that include alcohol can put extra stress on those battling or recovering from alcohol addiction. Increased chances of alcohol temptation might include: Being around others who might be “old drinking buddies” Feelings of isolation and […]
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South Florida Teen and Adult Rehab embrace Tinglehead YouTube therapy

Tingleheads claim videos help ease stress Inspirations for Youth and Families and the Cove Center for Recovery, teen and adult treatment centers respectively, have introduced ‘Tinglehead’ therapy as a stress relieving activity. The Tingleheads Internet craze has quickly developed a cult following, with devotees claiming the online videos help them cope with stress, insomnia and PTSD. “We […]
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Teen Drug Alcohol Rehab Scholarship

After learning that young Koko was roaming the mean streets of Asheville, North Carolina and using hard drugs, Inspirations for Youth and Families, a premier national teen rehab, came to the rescue. Koko had been to two other rehabs in North Carolina that didn’t work out for here and she did not have insurance or […]
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Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab Music Therapy

  Juan is a teen in recovery who just completed the Inspirations for Youth and Families teen rehab program. While he was there, Juan performed a rap song, which he perfected at the teen rehabs noted music therapy program. Inspirations music therapy is headed by a man named “Big Apple,” who is a 40-year professional drummer […]
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