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Celebrity Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Lessons Learned

In an effort to inform teens, parents, and loved ones on life saving lessons, Inspirations for Youth will be tracking all the latest news involving celebrities and drug and alcohol abuse. Each report will include a description of the incident and the lessons that can be learned from the event. May 2014 Wiz Khalifa Arrested [...]

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Ramairo M. Testimonial

Everything, my life is changed. My mindset, the way I feel, the way I think now; everything is a lot different.

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Alex D. Testimonial

I was smoking a lot of weed at the time; marijuana was my drug of choice. I just had a problem with it.

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Austin Testimonial

Now, it's like I feel like I need them in my life or just like more structure at least. Because that's what I didn't have before, I'm going to be working on that when I get home.

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Brandon Testimonial

I was little clouded up. I really didn't think too much, I just did and now I'm starting to do more responsible choices.

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The “War on Drugs”

The United States of America and Mexico share thousands of miles of border and almost two hundred years of history together. Both countries have exchanged ideas, people, and culture. However, both countries have also exchanged many different drugs with the Mexican cartels exporting their drugs to the USA. In 2006, former Mexican president Felipe Calderon [...]

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Red Ribbon Week 2013

Ribbon Week raises awareness of drug addiction within our community. It also highlights the many problems caused by drug use while encouraging parents, educators, and teenagers to take a stand and to promote a drug-free lifestyle. Red Ribbon Week runs from October 23 through October 31 this year. Inspirations for Youth and Families is also [...]

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Note: Krokodil causes extreme skin disfigurements which may be disturbing for some people. There are no pictures of krokodil users in this post. Every couple of years there is a new drug trend which grows and grows until it’s picked up by the mainstream media. Krokodil (pronounced like crocodile) is one of these drugs – [...]

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Teen Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

The HealthDay News, reported on Friday, January 21 that teens experiencing severe mental disorders are not receiving treatment for their mental problems. According to research, from a sample of 6,483 teens, age 13 to 18, only 36.2 percent received treatment for their mental health disorder. Study author Kathleen Ries Merikangas, of the U.S. National Institute [...]

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Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse in New York

CLOSE-UP: Cocaine By Cate Baily Big White Lies At first, cocaine made Miguel feel powerful. But the drug's promises turned out to be lies. If you'd met Miguel Flores when he was in junior high school, you'd have met a young man who listened to his mother and did well in school. If you'd met [...]

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