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Celebrity Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Lessons Learned

In an effort to inform teens, parents, and loved ones on life saving lessons, Inspirations for Youth will be tracking all the latest news involving celebrities and drug and alcohol abuse. Each report will include a description of the incident and the lessons that can be learned from the event. May 2014 Wiz Khalifa Arrested [...]

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Ramairo M. Testimonial

Everything, my life is changed. My mindset, the way I feel, the way I think now; everything is a lot different.

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Alex D. Testimonial

I was smoking a lot of weed at the time; marijuana was my drug of choice. I just had a problem with it.

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Austin Testimonial

Now, it's like I feel like I need them in my life or just like more structure at least. Because that's what I didn't have before, I'm going to be working on that when I get home.

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Brandon Testimonial

I was little clouded up. I really didn't think too much, I just did and now I'm starting to do more responsible choices.

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