Karen Corcoran Walsh

Karen Corcoran Walsh

About Karen Corcoran Walsh

Karen is a renowned South Florida addiction treatment professional and co-founder of both Inspirations For Youth and Families and The Cove Center For Recovery.

Inspirations takes the 12 steps into the next dimension!

Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) is a premiere residential drug rehab with specialists geared to helping teens and their families struggling with substance abuse, mental and behavioral issues. As one of the nation’s leading teen treatment center our therapy program has taken full advantage of the 12 Steps that have become the standard in [...]

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What parents should know about teens and social media

Inspirations for Youth and Families owner Karen Corcoran-Walsh sat down with teenage blogger to gain her insight on back to school anxiety, peer pressure and also what parents should know about teens and social media. Being “popular” or “cool” still feels like it is one of the most important priorities you can have as a teen, even in today’s modern society. [...]

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Karen Corocoran-Walsh talks about social media and addiction

In today’s society, social media is playing an increased role on the way teens think and act. But with more and more social media sites being created and people rallying a message of any sort, it’s hard not to shake the influence they have. We have seen social media’s effect in both a positive and negative [...]

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Miami adopts new fine for marijuana possession

After voting on Tuesday the commissioners of Miami-Dade passed legislation for a new fine to be placed for marijuana possession. This new code ordinance states that the police have the option to charge those possessing pot just as those charged with littering or loitering. The new citation amount has been set to a $100 fine. The code [...]

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Four Part Series: Saliva Drug Testing

What is Saliva Drug Testing? Saliva is the name for the oral liquids produced by the saliva glands located in the mouth. The average adult produces in excess of one thousand milliliters of saliva on a daily basis. Saliva drug testing involves using a swab that looks very similar to a toothbrush, but in place [...]

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Drug Testing: Four Part Series

Each day we will be posting new information about the different types of drug tests available. Today's topic is on urine analysis drug tests. Urine Analysis Urine Analysis (UA) is one of the most common types of drug tests administered around the country. It is the only testing method that is approved for federally-mandated drug testing. [...]

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Summer Daze

Most parents are excited when summer time finally rolls around. Parents and their children are looking forward to the warmer weather and the break from school. However, for parents of pre-teens and teenagers, summer time is often a time of additional caution and concern as their children enjoy more freedom in activities and less parental [...]

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