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Surprising places teen drug addicts hide drugs

The teens of today have become quite savvy in their creativity. There are some very common, but not so easily detectable places for teen drug addicts to hide their stash. Below is a list of the more common and popular hiding places where kids and teens hide their drugs: Their vehicle Game controllers (xbox, wii, [...]

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Teen suicide warning signs to live by (Part 2)

This is an ongoing series about the warning signs of teen suicide warning signs. The warning signs for teen suicide are serious calls for help that are important to take note of. Many teenagers share their thoughts and feelings in a desperate attempt to be acknowledged. In many cases, they don't know how to properly [...]

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Naltrexone for opiate and alcohol addiction recovery

There are many methods and programs associated with recovery and the best programs combine both therapy and medicine for a healthy recovery. Here at Inspirations for Youth and Families we cater to all our clients by creating individualized treatment programs based on their needs. We offer Naltrxone in both the oral and implant form as [...]

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Do you want to know why the drinking age is 21?

The debate over the legal drinking age usually comes down to: If you're old enough to serve on a jury, die for your country and decide who should be president, are you old enough to drink? Why is the Legal Drinking Age 21? The drinking age is 21 because of the passing of the National Minimum Drinking [...]

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Depressed parents increase risk of teen substance abuse

Image courtesy of the Morgue Files There is a great deal of research documenting that the children and teens of depressed parents are at high risk for depression and teen substance abuse along with other anti-social activities. Researchers expect that teens of mothers who were currently depressed would be most likely to engage [...]

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Teens and drug rehab – What parents should know?

If an adolescent starts behaving differently for no apparent reason, such as acting withdrawn, frequently tired or depressed, or hostile – it could be a sign the teen is developing a drug related problem. Parents and others may overlook these signs and attribute them to be a normal part of puberty, but it could also [...]

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Teen Suicide Warning Signs to live by

Understanding that teen suicide warning signs are serious calls for help is important. Many teenagers share their thoughts and feelings in a desperate attempt to be acknowledged. In many cases, they don't know how to deal with their feelings and problems and are looking for someone to help them find assistance. Acknowledging these warning signs [...]

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9 tips to Improve your relationship with your teen

Courtesy of Pixabay 1. Spend time with your teen It's all too easy for parents to be sidetracked right when their children need them most — especially during the teenage years - because our teens are so much more independent now. Our teens need our undivided attention. The fact of the matter is, parents need [...]

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Is video game addiction real and can it be treated?

  What is video game addiction? Video game addiction is an excessive or compulsive use of computer or video games, which interferes with a person's everyday life. Online gaming addiction has a negative image and is becoming a public concern. Many people categorize addiction with either alcohol or drugs, but addiction can also play a [...]

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