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The importance of joining an addiction recovery alumni program

Too often teens that successfully complete treatment are left to fend for themselves after returning home. While successfully completing a teen addiction treatment program is no small achievement, there is still plenty of work to do in a person's journey to recovery. Many teens who return home fall between the cracks without proper support and [...]

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Inspirations for Youth and Families attends Miami Marlins Game

         Inspirations' Teens having a great time at Miami Marlins Game Inspirations for Youth and Families teens enjoyed some traditional sober fun by going to see the Miami Marlins play the Philadelphia Phillies in a real live Major League Baseball game. The teens could not have gone to a better game [...]

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Healthy Teen Development Life Skills

Parents often wonder whether their teens are developing all the skills they need to be successful in life. In response, we have provided you with ten life skills necessary for healthy teen development. Ten critical Life Skills for Healthy Teen Development 1. Motivation to reach Personal Goals: Teens need to learn motivational life skills to [...]

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Top 10 Drugs Teen’s Abuse

Throughout the nation high school seniors are celebrating their graduations over the next few weeks. But what should be a joyous occasion can quickly turn into a nightmare for a teen and family if drug or alcohol use spirals out of control - as it often does during high school graduation. In a freshly minted [...]

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What is a good age to talk to your child about alcohol abuse?

In honor and with the culmination of Alcohol Awareness month in April, Inspirations for Youth and Families decided to tackle the big question many parents torture themselves about - “What is a good age to talk to your child about alcohol abuse?"  While the subject of alcohol abuse is over shadowed by drug abuse, many [...]

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5 things to expect while in a drug rehab program

Some people who visit drug rehab web sites that showcase luxurious facility pictures including a resort-like swimming pool hold the misconception that rehab = good times. They will undoubtedly assume that a drug rehab program will offer the same luxury that many 5 star hotels do and this is the case at some rehabs. But if your intention is to [...]

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