Carmen Alleyna, RN, CCM, LHCRM

Carmen Alleyna, RN, CCM, LHCRM 2017-01-03T14:44:20+00:00

Director of Nursing

Carmen graduated from New York University where she received her degree as a Registered Nurse (RN). She also has certifications as the following: Nationally Certified Case Manager (CCM) and Licensed Healthcare Risk Manager Director of Nursing(LHCRM). In her venerated career she ran a Methadone Clinic in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Carmen has also held the position of Director of Nursing at the Psychiatric Nurses of Atlanta, a governmental organization. She has also performed utilization reviews for various treatment facilities. Carmen spent 10 years as the Pediatrics Head Nurse at Red Bunk Riverview Hospital.

At Inspirations for Youth and Families, Carmen is responsible for managing her team of nurses, reading charts, document reviews, and in service with nurses. When not working, Carmen is a huge football fan and actually runs a football pool. She spends as much time as possible with her Bijon. Carmen is from New Jersey and has lived in Florida for the last 20 years.