• Education Program

    One huge difference maker between Inspirations and other rehabs is that our teens graduate from school. This is accomplished through our supervised on-line educational program that is affiliated with the Florida Virtual School. This means no matter where you live you can access more than 120 courses. What's more, courses are just as real and as the dedicated, certified teachers who teach them and count towards graduation.

  • Inspiring Stories

    “If it weren't for inspirations, I'm not sure I would be recovered now. It was a great program and I can't stress that enough. There was just enough structure to where I didn't feel suffocated, but I was in a safe environment.”
    Nicole, who nearly died from a drug overdose, is now on course to graduate high school after completing the Inspirations program. Nicole is working towards starting a career in diagnostic medical sonography.

  • Inspirations In The News

    Dr. James Hughes who is the CEO of Inspirations performs hundreds of interventions each year and has even been featured on the Dr. Phil Show participating in a live intervention with one of its teens battling inhalant abuse in the highly rated episode Dangerous Fads - Huffing .

  • Therapies

    When it comes to teaching our kids real life experiences, Inspirations teens do not live in a bubble. They are out and about on a daily basis either going to the beach, attending Major League Baseball games, or deep sea fishing. We call this recreational therapy. This teaches them real-life skills that are our invaluable during the recovery process. At other rehabs the teens stay in the facility 24/7.

About Inspirations Youth

Inspirations Teen Rehab is a nurturing, educating, and therapeutic residential addiction treatment program.

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Youth Addiction Rehabilitation

A different approach to teen addiction treatment & teen behavior modification, Inspirations for Youth and Families is a nationally recognized and licensed residential treatment center for teens ages 13 to 18 (and their families) who are struggling with the chaos of teen behaviors combined with drug or alcohol use, abuse, or addiction. At Inspirations Teen Rehab we understand your concern for your teenager and the changing behaviors causing heartbreak and fear for your teen’s safety and future.

As one of the leading teen rehabs in the USA, the experts at Inspirations teen rehab designed a treatment center and an addiction treatment program that provides addiction prevention, as well as treatment and aftercare services. Teens at Inspirations are responsible for their own cooking, cleaning, shopping, and laundry. This teaches the teens to learn to be responsible for themselves and to be accountable for their actions. Teens of the same gender will live together in supervised apartments located near the treatment center. Transportation to the treatment center will be provided daily.

The Inspirations treatment approach is not “one-size-fits-all”. Instead, therapists, doctors,  and addiction experts work with each client and his or her family to design a personalized treatment plan. This plan is based on the client’s individual needs and medical history.

Teachers at Inspirations Academy, the educational component to the rehab program, provide schooling in the core subjects to all teenagers during their stay at our treatment center. Teens can complete school work from their home school or they can work online through virtual schooling to make-up any failed classes. Inspirations Academy also provides tutoring services, GED prep, and SAT/ACT prep for the college-bound teen.

In designing our teen addiction treatment programs, emphasis has been put on helping the teen and family establish recovery and learn the life skills necessary for the teen to reach his or her personal goals. We expect each teenager to participate in daily therapy, counseling, and recreational activities. Through these activities, teenagers learn how to interact with one another. They will also learn conflict resolution skills and anger management skills. Our program is gender-based, so clients will be able to focus on their recovery as opposed to focusing on the opposite sex.

Inspirations teenagers learn how to reach their own personal and academic goals. They will be able to use the life skills they learned at Inspirations to stay sober while navigating the tricky world of young adulthood. Let us help you get your family back on the right track!

Inspirations offers a variety of teen addiction treatments including residential rehab for boys and girls, teen interventions, dual diagnosis treatment and much more. Contact us 24/7 if you have any questions regarding addiction treatment for a teen in your life. For adult rehab, please visit our sister facility Cove Center for Recovery.

Youth Rehab Programs

We're a teen residential rehab facility which offers behavioral treatment, educational programs, youth interventions & much more.

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Dual Diagnosis

Teen Dual Diagnosis treatment helps teens suffering from both a mental health disorder and substance abuse/addictions.

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Addiction Treatment

We treat Drug Addiction, Alcohol Abuse, Prescription & OTC Med Abuse, Huffing & Inhalents and much more.

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